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Stretch your Dollars: Oats

Oats (either rolled or in the whole form as groats) are a great supplement to your diet and an inexpensive breakfast option. We enjoy oatmeal three or four times a week.

The best local price on organic oats that I’ve found is from Azure Standard. At around .70 a pound when you purchase in the 25 lb bag, you can make a lot of breakfast from these. Our family usually consumes two cups worth, costing only .30 each meal. Of course, we enjoy adding raisins, apples, frozen berries, raw honey, cinnamon and other items to enhance the flavor. Check out how to prepare your oatmeal for optimal nutrition here.

Buying Oats:

Azure has the best price and buying the bulk sizes (25 or 50lb) will save you the most. If you have a Chinook Book, you can get a better deal at Bob’s Red Mill using their buy one, get one free coupon.  Pair the 25lb bag of organic brown rice and the 25lb bag of organic rolled oats for best prices on both.

Azure Standard Rolled Organic Oats

25 lbs.$17.65
50 lbs.$34.00
5 lbs.$4.50


Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Organic Oats

25 lbs.$22.58
32 oz.$3.98
16 oz.$2.40

Where do you purchase your oats? What is your favorite thing to mix in?



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