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Chinook Book!

I started this post with an exclamation because I really enjoy the Chinook Book. I have been buying or receiving one as a gift for the last five or six years and it has many valuable coupons for local merchants.

It is full of coupons that make it well worth the $20 purchase price but I would recommend buying it on a sale (New Season’s had it for $13 a few weeks ago and I have seen it on sale for $15 often) or buying from a charity that you want to support. (They are often sold by schools and athletic teams in the fall.)

One of my favorite coupons is a buy one, get one free coupon to Bob’s Red Mill Store. This coupon should save you $20-25, even over Azure’s great prices. I’ve used it for stocking up on organic brown rice, organic oats, and organic wheat berries . Most of their items store nicely so buying 25 lb should not mean waste. Bring a friend and use the breakfast coupon for their restaurant while you are there – we love their food!

I also love the Dave’s Killer Bread coupons, the Urban Farm Store coupon, the Concentrates coupon (cheap baking soda and epsom salts as well as animal and garden stuff), the New Seasons coupons, among many others. We’ve had several affordable date nights including Bipartisan Cafe, Wild Abandon (LOVE!), the Academy Theater, Hot Lips and others. You can see all coupons featured in the book on their website.



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