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Buy Local: Raw Honey

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A quick google search will give you lots of information on the health benefits of raw honey so there is no need to delve deeper there. What are good sources in our area? What is the most economical source? As with all quality food, cheaper isn’t always (usually) better, but even some less expensive options are of good quality in this case.

When you do purchase, make sure you ask about where the honey was harvested, if the area is treated with chemicals, and how the honey is processed, whether it is heated and/or strained.

Azure – Azure offers an excellent price on raw honey, currently $30-34/gallon. I have tried their wildflower and found it quite good. I am not sure where this honey is harvested.

Hummingbird – If you belong to a local buying club they very likely order from Hummingbird. Hummingbird has an excellent price (varies but I think $32-36/gallon) on raw honey harvested in Oregon. Another advantage is you can easily split this with someone else and try a few varieties.

Craigslist – Winter is not the season to pursue this but in late summer or early fall you do a Craigslist search for honey, you will likely find several options. You’ll need to ask the right questions and make sure that the product is truly raw but you may find the ultralocal just down the road. Last year I purchased some honey that had been made by bees in rural Clackamas County in unsprayed areas, a clover/wildflower variety that was excellent. It was $32/gallon.

Farmer’s Market – There are several local vendors at farmer’s markets in the area. I have found this to be a more expensive source as those farmers are paying a booth fee and transporting, but it is very convenient to pick up and you can often buy in smaller quantities.



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