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Stretch your Dollar: Baking Soda

There are plenty of articles on the many uses of baking soda but where is the best place to buy it? We can easily go through 10-15lb a month in our house, so finding the best price matters.

If you are buying baking soda at Safeway, Fred Meyer or even from Azure Standard, you are spending too much. Here are the three best prices I know of in the Portland area.

Concentrates: By far the best price, just $14 for 50lb. A 50lb bag almost fits in a five gallon bucket. Reserve some for kitchen use and take the filled bucket to your laundry room or cleaning closet. Use the 10% coupon from the Chinook Book to save more.

Costco: Costco sells a 13.5lb bag for around $6, which comes out to .44/lb.

Walgreens: They routinely have the little 16oz boxes on sale for 2/$1. At .50/lb, this is much better than what most large grocery stores charge.

We love baking soda for scrubbing the bathtub, freshening laundry, washing our hair and of course baking. What is your favorite use of baking soda?



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