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Lemon Love!

We have discovered that our boys need to avoid dairy so I’ve been experimenting with new recipes. Our favorite combination this week has been a honey scone topped with lemon curd.

I used Kimi’s lemon curd recipe. It was delicious! I used just yolks and only four (what I had available) and it turned out great. We ate it on the scones until they were gone and then ate it from the jar. Our honey scones were an improvisation of several other recipes and they were also terrific.

Soaked Honey Scones

2c whole wheat pastry flour                                                                                                          4T coconut oil                                                                                                                                    1c coconut milk kefir

1T baking powder                                                                                                                             1/4t salt                                                                                                                                                3T honey

Cut the coconut oil into the flour. Mix in the coconut milk kefir until flour is moist. Let sit at room temperature 8-12 hours.

Preheat oven to 400F. Fold the baking powder and salt into the soaked dough. Gently warm the honey so it pours easily and use a fork to stir into dough until just combined. Shape dough into a circle and cut into eight pieces.

Where can you affordably buy the ingredients for these delicious items?

New Seasons sells a 2# bag of lemons for $2.99 and Azure Standard carries the same bag for $4. (Or buy your own lemon tree from onegreenworld.com! Happy Mother’s Day, anyone?) There are numerous local sources for eggs, some maybe in your neighborhood. We enjoy this one for free range, as good as organic and soy and corn free at $3.75/dozen.

Many of our flours and baking staples come from Azure and we get lovely coconut oil through our buying club from Hummingbird.



One thought on “Lemon Love!

  1. Very interesting use of Lemon. When I was on Capri it seemed they used the lemon on and with everything. Always refreshing 🙂

    “Cinnamon bites and kisses simultaneously.”
    -Vanna Bonta

    Posted by My Grandparents' Kitchen | May 2, 2011, 12:30 am

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