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Salvage Shopping in Portland

A few years ago, I ran into a slightly sketchy looking store in outer SE on my way to a party. I was supposed to bring a dessert, and it was the only store I could find. I came away pleased with what I found and have visited the same little salvage grocery store on … Continue reading

Opening Day!

Many local farmer’s markets will open this weekend! We walked to our local market yesterday and enjoyed the live music and booths full of wonderful products. Brave the rain and find some good food. While farmer’s market prices tend to be a bit more expensive than buying through a buying club or on the farm, … Continue reading

Good Price on Coconut Milk

Azure shipped only half of what I ordered this week. Their website does not reflect current stock so this can happen, though I’ve never had it happen to this extent. Anyway, as my boys can’t have dairy right now I needed to find another source of coconut milk. I called New Seasons and Native Forest … Continue reading

Lemon Love!

We have discovered that our boys need to avoid dairy so I’ve been experimenting with new recipes. Our favorite combination this week has been a honey scone topped with lemon curd. I used Kimi’s lemon curd recipe. It was delicious! I used just yolks and only four (what I had available) and it turned out … Continue reading

Stretch your Dollar: Baking Soda

There are plenty of articles on the many uses of baking soda but where is the best place to buy it? We can easily go through 10-15lb a month in our house, so finding the best price matters. If you are buying baking soda at Safeway, Fred Meyer or even from Azure Standard, you are … Continue reading

The Privileged Farmer

I was jotting a note to our Compassion child, Katerin, today, and sharing with her how much we enjoy gardening. Then the thought gave me pause. Enjoy gardening? What a privilege! I know that while Katerin and her family may enjoy working their land to some degree, there is pressure for them to succeed that I … Continue reading

Stretch your Dollar: Coupons

Coupons aren’t the best way to affordably purchase whole, organic foods; that is where buying clubs, local farms, and bulk purchases come in.  However coupons can be a great way to supplement healthier eating, especially on a small budget. Using coupons on healthier foods will be a little different than the scores you can make … Continue reading

Super Deal on Dr Bronner’s (and other Whole Foods deals)

We don’t shop at Whole Foods frequently but I happened to be in the neighborhood today with a few minutes to spare. I’m very glad I went in. They have 32 oz bottles of Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap on sale for 40% off for the next four days. I bought two of the peppermint, which … Continue reading

Storing Bulk Purchases

Buying in bulk will save you significant amounts of money on real food but figuring out what to do with a 25 lb bag of rice can be complicated. You want your food to stay fresh for as long as possible; you don’t save any money if half of your purchase spoils. I have found … Continue reading

Buy Local: Raw Honey

image credit A quick google search will give you lots of information on the health benefits of raw honey so there is no need to delve deeper there. What are good sources in our area? What is the most economical source? As with all quality food, cheaper isn’t always (usually) better, but even some less … Continue reading