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Salvage Shopping in Portland

A few years ago, I ran into a slightly sketchy looking store in outer SE on my way to a party. I was supposed to bring a dessert, and it was the only store I could find. I came away pleased with what I found and have visited the same little salvage grocery store on … Continue reading

Stretch your Dollar: Coupons

Coupons aren’t the best way to affordably purchase whole, organic foods; that is where buying clubs, local farms, and bulk purchases come in.  However coupons can be a great way to supplement healthier eating, especially on a small budget. Using coupons on healthier foods will be a little different than the scores you can make … Continue reading

Stretch your Dollars: Oats

Oats (either rolled or in the whole form as groats) are a great supplement to your diet and an inexpensive breakfast option. We enjoy oatmeal three or four times a week. The best local price on organic oats that I’ve found is from Azure Standard. At around .70 a pound when you purchase in the … Continue reading