Just Starting Out?

I remember asking a friend years ago if she could teach me how to make kefir. She laughed and said, “It’s so easy, you don’t need me to teach you.”

While it is true that making kefir is very simple, I did need some help. I had no idea where to start and needed someone to point me in the right direction. The same can be said for transitioning to a real food diet. While it is not difficult, it can feel that way when you are starting. Having someone point you in the direction of affordable resources can help make the transition sustainable and not so overwhelming.

One of the most frequent objections I hear to eating whole, organically grown, and, when possible, locally grown foods, is, “We can’t afford it!” I think that is rarely true. While you may not be able to eat exactly the foods you currently are and it may take a little extra work, it is certainly affordable.

I hope to develop this page to have more resources but at this point I would give a few pieces of advice to anyone starting out.

Prioritize: Decide what is most important to you and start by pursuing those items. Some priorities may be variety over organic, local over organic, organic meat over organic veggies, or raw milk over organic produce. Personally, we put high value on purchasing our milk and eggs fresh and local, so we devote more of our budget to these things. We chose a very simple menu with high quality meats and produce but have less variety and few speciality foods in our diet.

Join a buying club: This is a great way t0 find high quality food you can afford.

Create a budget: Better food costs more, simply put. To make this a sustainable lifestyle, you need to make a budget and stick to it. It may mean you can’t buy all the foods you are used to but it will help you make changes you can afford!

Create a menu plan: High quality food is well worth the price but if you are buying without a plan, you are going to spend too much. This will help you stick to your budget and make sustainable changes. Here are some menu plan ideas.

There is so much more to say and I hope to update this page and add posts to the blog with more information soon. If you have any questions, especially about sources of quality food in the Portland area, contact me!



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