Local Resources

This is not an exhaustive list. We are blessed to live in area that offers so many options! I have tried products from all of these farms listed and found them to be excellent. They are all local family farms focusing on  sustainable practices. These farms also have very reasonable prices for the high quality food they produce, a necessity on our tight budget.

Meat, Eggs, Dairy

Taylor-Made Farms

C’est Naturelle

Red Hog Farms

Deo Volente Farm

Magill Ranch

PD Farms

If you are interested in purchasing a large portion of an animal, you may also want to search craigslist for what you are looking for. Many smaller farms may offer an even lower price for hanging weight. See our post on what questions to ask the farmer you are buying from.


There are so many options for produce. I recommend visiting your local farmer’s market to speak to the farmer directly and to find the farm and produce that meets your preference and budget.

Your closest farmer’s market

Thompson Farms

PD Farms

C’est Naturelle

Red Hog Farms

Magill Ranch

Mt. Hood Organic Farms



Azure Standard – online store based out of Dufur, OR with Portland area deliveries.

Bob’s Red Mill

The Healthy Bread Store

North Portland Food Buying Club

Rose City Food Buying Club – Beaverton

Lents Food Buying Club

Portland Green Parenting

Eastside Buying Club – outer NE Portland

Mudville Commons – NE

Want to know more about food buying clubs?




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